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 Subpoenas issued and served throughout Massachusetts

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Don't worry, we still draft, issue and serve MA subpoenas for the following:

Divorce Subpoena
Domestic Relations Subpoena
Civil Subpoena
Criminal Subpoena
Deposition Subpoena
Family Court Subpoena
Mass Witness Summons

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Notary Public & Process Server

  Our commissioned notaries public can issue your subpoenas and summonses for your pending case. All subpoenas are issued in accordance with Massachusetts laws and the form of the subpoena will comply with the applicable rules of court.
    We specialize in drafting and issuing the following types of subpoenas:

Subpoena Ad Testificandum = (Latin for "to testify under penalty") a court order used to command a person to appear and give oral testimony at a hearing or trial.

Subpoena Duces Tecum = (Latin for "bring with you under penalty") a court order used to command a person to appear and produce tangible evidence (documents, records, photos, etc.) for use at a hearing or trial.

Deposition Subpoena = a court order used to command a person to appear and testify at a deposition presided over by an officer authorized to administer oaths (notary public, justice of the peace, etc.). A deposition will take place outside the courtroom, usually in an attorney's office.

Witness Summons = a court order used to compel a witness to appear at Court, before a person authorized to examine witnesses (i.e., hearing officer), or at a deposition, to testify about what he/she knows. Pursuant to ALM GL ch. 233, § 1, a witness summons is equivalent to a subpoena.

    Our Network also provides service of process. Therefore, one of our Massachusetts Constables or a Massachusetts Process Server will be available to serve the subpoena or summons. 

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